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WHY TO GET LAPTOP REPAIR FROM www.laptoprepairandparts.in
Call on 7838212100 for more Details
When your Laptop isn't working, one of the first thoughts most people have is that it's time to get some service on it, probably from a local computer repair place. But with so many options, how do you make up your mind?
Talk to the representative of the company to whom you are giving your laptop only give your laptop if you are satisfied with the answers you get for your queries.
In my opinion, the Laptop repair service with the very best value deserves your business and the business of the people you know, no matter the size of the building or the size of the advertising budget
Always make sure you signature the important parts of your laptop like screen , keyboard , touchpad , battery , HDD, Ram ,Dvd/rw and most important motherboard of your laptop.
When you get back the laptop kindly check all your signature.
Don't rely on the assumptions you have about a particular company or type of company to make a decision. Do a bit of research, ask around, and make some phone calls.
In my opinion, the computer repair service with the very best value deserves your business and the business of the people you know, no matter the size of the building or the size of the advertising budget
One-Stop laptop repair and parts for All Major Brands

Now you don’t have to search for different laptop repair centre for your different makes of laptop.
At laptoprepairandparts.in we repair all brands like
*Dell Laptop Repair
* HP Laptop Repair
* Macbook Repair
* Sony Vaio Laptop Repair
* Lenovo Laptop Repair
*Acer Laptop Repair
*Toshiba Laptop Repair
*Hcl Laptop Repair
*Samsung Laptop Repair
* All other Brands Repair

Not only we are the most comprehensive one-stop center for high standard laptop repair services, many authorized service centers and hardware traders would also make good use of our parts distribution capability which includes sourcing, testing, repacking, consolidation and shipping etc.

Our Expertise:

* Laptop repair services.
* Distribution of laptop parts.
* Complete range of Battery & Adapters

About Us

laptoprepairandparts.in is Delhi based company with offices in Hong Kong and China. Started humbly in 1998 and won recognition along the way. Our main business is to supply laptop parts (LCD panels, Laptop Battery, AC Adapter, Keyboards, Motherboards, HDD, DVDRW), at the same time, we are specialized in laptop repair services.

Due to our expertise in this line of business, many customers also depend on us to buy / sell used systems like laptops, desktops, LCD monitors and even servers parts. With our constant development and support from customers, we have been growing rapidly throughout the past few years. Our flexibility and understanding in this business often wins compliment from customers, which is the best motivation to our staffs.

Laptop Repair Services

Most of the laptop problems happen due to motherboard faulty unless it is physically broken, and within all the motherboard problems, BGA issues (problems related to North-bridge, South-bridge and VGA chip) are considered as the most common and complicated type. At laptoprepairandparts.in, we have the most experienced engineers to solve your laptop problems up to BGA level. Please do not throw away your laptop for environment protection sake, contact us to solve all your laptop problems.

We have state-of-art equipments like high-end BGA rework station, oscilloscope and many other required equipments & tools. These equipments allow us to do precise analysis and repair, as we want long lasting results after repaired. (In India, only a few "repair center" has the right equipment to handle the required repair tasks; however, they may not have the knowledge to operate these high-tech equipments).

We hire technicians that are not only qualified as Electronic Masters, they must also expert in laptop repair with years of experiences. (Most of the "repair shop" hire so called "technicians" which is not even qualified to handle the required repair tasks. The result would be either the laptop is not checked properly or just a temporary fix.).

We at laptoprepairandparts.in have purchasing team in America, Singapore , hongkong and China to ensure the constant supplies of parts or component at lower cost, which is very essential for this business. (Most of the repair shop have difficulties in finding parts, so they will just try to reuse your problematic parts, however these problematic parts just won't last long).

laptoprepairandparts.in has the most ethical repair team that is proud not to swap away customer's laptop component in any situation and we care about their data inside the hard disk too. (Some companies live by swapping customer's usable parts with dead parts. So please try not to believe someone can fix your laptop at low cost or those free checking. Because the moment you leave your laptop, they might swap away usable parts and tell you that the laptop cannot be fixed. Believe it or not, though they might not charge you for not fixing the laptop, they make more money doing that with very little time vs we need to take few days to repair and check on your laptop).

For more details or any assistance call 07838212100 or email on support@laptoprepairandparts.in
You can also log on to www.laptoprepairandparts.in

lg laptop repair

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